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Security Guide
  1. Security Screening
    • Prepare your travel documents (valid passport, plane ticket or booking confirmation, and visa (if required))
    • Place items containing Liquids, Aerosols and Gel into the tray
    • Place electronic items (eg laptops, mobile phones, tablets) and metal (eg locks, coins) into other trays.
    • Remove the jacket, sweater, hat and shoes then put into the tray
    • Put your luggage into X-Ray conveyor belt
    • Physical examination will be done using walkthrough metal detectors.
  2. Forbiden Item
    Indonesia goverment has strict regulations for passengers carrying forbidden goods on flights. You are strongly advised to ask airline staff before checking in if unsure of the items in your handbag, to prevent unnecessary delays.
  3. Guide for liquid, Aerosol and Gels
    • Liquids, aerosols and gels should be in a container with a maximum capacity of 100ml each.
    • These containers should be inside a 1 liter sealed transparent bag.
    • The plastic bag seal should be sealed tightly.
    • Each person may only carry 1 plastic bag sealed. This sealed bag should be shown to the officer at the checkpoint.
    • Exceptions are allowed for medicines, baby food and other special foods.
    • Liquor or other liquids, aerosol products, and gels (more than 100ml) purchased from overseas airports must be sealed in a sealed pouch.